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We've gathered together a few items that will give you a very brief sample of some of the training and mentoring tools we use.

Business Plan

This provides a very brief example of the main items that go in a Business Plan. The length of the plan depends on your needs, some can be a few pages long and others can go up to 50-60 pages. Topics

Capital Costs Sheet

This is used as part of an exercise to distinguish between capital and operating costs. Remember, these are only capital costs, not every day costs for your business. The totals of the two boxes should be the same. Topics

Changing Prices

Shows the dramatic effect changing prices has on a business. For example, if you have a 30% Gross Profit and cut prices by 10%, you will need to increase you total sales by 50% before you even get back to the position you were before you reduced the prices. So, reducing prices is not the way to go if your business is in difficulty. Topics

Setting up your business

A very brief introduction to the steps involved in registering ar new business. Topics

Business Plan for Childcare Providers

This is a Business Plan tailored specifically for childcare providers. Community-based or private. Topics

Contract of Employment

Sample contract of employment. Topics