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Who are we?


Meehan Tully & Associates Ltd. is a team comprised of managing partners and associates who assist with projects depending on the skills required.

Managing Partners


The firm's two senior partners are Mark Tully and Michael Kirby.


Mark Tully

Managing Director




Michael Kirby Senior Partner






Some of our associates include:


Jim Meehan, Business Mentoring

Emer Ward, Marketing

Tom Hobson, Strategic Planning

GrĂ¡inne Dunne, Community Development

Orla Tuohy, Facilitation








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Mark Tully, B.Comm., LL.B., LL.M.


Mark Tully, our Managing Partner, has extensive experience in providing a wide range of management supports to SME's, agencies and community enterprises throughout the region and in delivery of tailored training programmes for clients. Mark joined Meehan Tully & Associates in 1996, having previously lectured in business and legal studies in the Institute of Technology, Sligo. Mark's academic background is in commerce and law, having received a B.Comm and LL.B. from NUIG and a Masters in Commercial Law from UCC.


Mark is an accredited trainer on the National Register of Trainers, having received a Diploma in Training & Education from NUIG and a Certificate in Trainer Skills from the Irish Institute of Training and Development (IITD.) Mark has also formally studied as a business advisor & counselor and received his Certificate in Business Counseling at Durham University.

Michael Kirby


Michael Kirby, Senior Partner, possesses considerable management experience in a wide range of fields, having worked for 15 years in the recruiting, hospitality, tourism and public sectors. Joining Meehan Tully & Associates in 2001, Michael works closely with SME's, agencies and community groups in finding solutions that address their individual needs.


Michael's academic background includes a BA from Villanova University, an MA (International Relations) from St. John's University New York, and an MBA from Trinity College, Dublin. Michael is also an accredited trainer on the National Register of Trainers, having received a Diploma in Training & Education from NUIG and a Certificate in Trainer Skills from the Irish Institute of Training and Development (IITD.)

Some of our associates
Jim Meehan


Jim is one of the most experienced business and community enterprise consultants in the North West and has senior management practice in the health care and engineering sectors. Jim's particular areas of expertise include financial planning and systems, manufacturing management systems and community enterprise training.

Emer Ward


Emer has considerable experience in the field of marketing and has been involved with Meehan Tully & Associates in meeting the sales and marketing needs of our clients since the mid-1990's. As a lecturer of Marketing at Institute of Technology, Sligo, since 1992, Emer has significant marketing expertise and experience in working with SME's throughout the region in developing marketing plans and strategies. Emer also served as Head of Marketing, Tourism and Leisure between 2002-2005.

Tom Hobson


Well-known for his involvement with the International Fund for Ireland and his community, social and economic development consultancy work, Tom has worked with many organisations and communities throughout the region in preparing, implementing, developing, and assessing a wide variety of projects. Closely associated with many major developments in the region in recent years, Tom works with numerous state and semi-state bodies and, since 1989, has worked with and advised Meehan Tully & Associates Ltd. on an ongoing basis in regard to rural and community development and strategic planning issues.

Gráinne Dunne


An entrepreneur with extensive experience in the development of small businesses and community enterprise, GrĂ¡inne's particular area of expertise is in the area of social integration and enterprise. She has worked closely with community and voluntary groups over the years in developing programmes of action for social and enterprise projects and has worked as part of the Meehan Tully & Associates Ltd. team in delivering client solutions for many years.

Orla Tuohy


As the former owner of a small manufacturing business, Orla possesses considerable first-hand experience of the challenges and difficulties facing SME's. Through her extensive involvement with Meehan Tully & Associates Ltd. since 2000, Orla has gained significant experience and expertise in the areas of community development and group facilitation. Currently engaged with the Lifestart child development organisation, Orla was a past recipient of the AIB/ Bolton Trust 'New Business Idea' award and 'Entrepreneur of the Year' award in conjunction with Dublin Institute of Technology.