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Excellence Through People (ETP)

We are a formally accredited ETP training organisation, with experience in developing and providing training solutions for micro-enterprises, multi-nationals and public bodies. ETP is the national standard for HR management.




Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM)

We are an accredited training centre with the ILM and have approval for the development and provision of certified training programmes.




National Register of Trainers

We are accredited by the National Register of Trainers for Ireland, which is administered and certified by FÁS and Enterprise Ireland. Only trainers listed on this register can be formally approved for funded training programmes.





County Enterprise Boards (CEB's)

Over the past twenty years we have provided training to over 1,500 pre-start ups, micro-enterprises and small enterprises through CEBS's.


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We have a significant portfolio of training programmes that are provided to private enterprises, public bodies, community and voluntary groups. Training can be provided to a collection of separate participants or to a single business, agency or group. We are a highly qualified training organisation and a brief list of our accreditations are provided in the column to the left.


Funding support for training


As an accredited organisation on the National Register of Trainers, we are in the position to be able to provide customised training to clients that can be part funded by agencies such as FÁS, Enterprise Ireland, County Enterprise Boards and LEADER+. If you would like to receive training for your business, public body or community group, please contact us to discuss the possibility of funding for your training needs.


Samples of training programmes


A sample of some of the training programmes is provided below. If you would like to download a PDF document that gives a list of the topics in each programme, please click on the link called Topics in each programme description.

Start Your Own Business

Aimed at entrepreneurs in the early phase of business development. Topics

Managing Your Finances

Aimed at small business owners and managers who want to acquire the skills to understand and interpret the information relating to the financial performance of their businesses. Topics

Staying in Business

Aimed at providing existing entrepreneurs with the skills necessary to ensure they can manage their business on an on-going basis. This can be provided to all owners/ managers, including those in recent start-ups and those who have been in business for a good number of years. Topics

Management Skills for Childcare Providers

Aimed at developing the management skills of owners and managers of childcare businesses. Topics

Advisors & Facilitators - Business Training

Aimed at updating the business skills and knowledge of people advising small businesses, community groups and start-ups Topics

Personnel Management for Small Businesses

Provides an introduction to the legal obligations and best practices required for personnel management. Topics

Second in Command

Aimed at providing business skills to the second in command in a small business, with the intention of allowing the owner/manager to delegate responsibilities and/or plan for succession in the business. Somewhat similar in content to the Staying in Business programme, it is focused primarily at those who do not have experience in running/ managing a business. Topics

Step-up to Excellence Through People

Aimed at up-skilling employees in small businesses to ensure they have the general business knowledge and skills necessary to become responsible for undertaking and managing the implementation of the Excellence Through People (ETP) programme on behalf of their employers. Topics

Business Planning

Aimed at providing owners and managers of micro and small businesses with the skills necessary to prepare a Business Plan. Topics

Sources of Finance for Small Businesses

A one-session course, aimed at small business owners and managers who want an introduction to the principles of sound financial management. Topics

Employment Legislation for Small Businesses

Aimed at providing small businesses with the information required to meet their legal obligations as employers. Topics

Challenging Self-employment

A two-session course, aimed at people considering self-employment and who need to develop their business ideas and perceptions of self-employment. Topics

Building a Community Group - Level One

Aimed at groups in the early or re-development stage of forming a community or voluntary group. Topics

Building a Community Group - Level Two

A step-up programme for community or voluntary groups. Topics

Managing Your Community Project

This is aimed at groups who have established a community project, social and/or enterprise-based, and require the necessary skills to for management. Topics

Directors' and Members' Responsibilities

This programme introduces the Management Committee to the responsibilities, legal and otherwise of running a company. Topics